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The Animania Crew's Journal

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25th January 2006

dr_nobody_dance1:54pm: So outa no where I post
When was the last time I posted here?
Oh that's right march of last year....
I think this LJ comunity is dieing...we need to do something to bring it to life

22nd December 2005

truthstoldaslie11:16pm: party!!
Next Thursday, Dec. 29th...be there...starting at 8pm-ish, I'll be home all day or whatever...bring people, bring music, bring bands...whatever...any questions, ask me. The Address is 8 June St, Ypsilanti, MI. 48198.

11th November 2005


November 12

[They didn't post a schedual! oh welll I guess we're in for a surprize <3]

I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO YOU SHOULD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10th October 2005


Next Screening is September 24

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Screenings will once again be held in the Modern Languages Building this semester.

The screening dates for this semester are as follows:
September 24, October 29 (Con Ja Nai), November 12 and December 10

21st September 2005


Next Screening is September 24

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Screenings will once again be held in the Modern Languages Building this semester.

The screening dates for this semester are as follows:
September 24, October 29 (Con Ja Nai), November 12 and December 10

GO! and don't break stuff ♥
Current Mood: yay for lazy updates

12th August 2005

barbieismywhore12:40pm: and now to be a good little mod & post the info....
Next Screening is August 13
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♥ Please go. I should be ungrounded & I miss ppl!!!

~ X_Zennith___*_x

8th August 2005

truthstoldaslie3:36pm: PSA
My birthday is coming up. So, as many people expect, I will be having a huge ass party...much bigger than last years. So if you want to come hang out with me and the rest of your friends, I suggest you come. It's going to kind of be lame if people don't show up, though it may be lame if they do. My sister wants to goto the club out in Walled Lake, Club inferno. It's a teen club (ages 14-18) and more information can be found at infernoteenclub.com. If you need a ride or whatever, talk to people and get a ride with them. If you like to dance and have a good time, then this will be the place for you. Btw, BRING CD's...if there are enough of us we can convince the Dj to play some rock music instead of the dance/rap/rnb they usually play. If you need more information, IM me or leave a comment.

Who? Tom/Tami Humbarger
What? Birthday thing...
When? Aug 19th 9PM-12PM
Where? Club Inferno
Why? Because you want to!

TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW! (as long as they are cool, and won't try to start shit with people/me)

14th July 2005

nudiezippo10:07pm: Next Screening date has been changed to July 30

i was told to post this by marie

18th June 2005

barbieismywhore5:43pm: Purple kitty: /poke
Me: ~pounce-attack-huggles~
Purple kitty: (hugglez backs)
Purple kitty: you goign to ANimania?
Me: ~tear~
Me: I wish
Purple kitty: why not? ; ;
Me: g
Me: r
Me: o
Me: u
Me: n
Me: d
Me: e
Me: d
Purple kitty: >.<
Purple kitty: well do you know where it is today? that angell hall place?
Me: yup


9th June 2005

Next Screening is : June 18

schedualCollapse )

ALSO: Spaz, my  new lj is: barbieismywhore
umm sowwies?

21st May 2005

nobody_sees_me9:18am: Animania

Please note that summer screenings will be held in Angell Hall Auditorium A, not the usual Modern Languages Building.

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17th May 2005

nobody_sees_me12:14pm: Animania is this weekend!!!
yeah I donno if I can go... but I really wanna!
Please Comment on if you coming or not!
Current Mood: Orange means important!!!

16th May 2005

mrs_ken10:35am: Who all is going to be at animania this weekend ???


8th May 2005


Next Screening is most likely May 21

Because of some scheduling issues, the date isn't set in stone yet, but it will probaby be the 21st.

The rest of the summer screenings are:
June 18, July 23 and August 13


7th April 2005

truevampiricntt2:13pm: *sighs*
I hope everyone has fun at animania. I'm not going to be able to go for a really long time... Spaz, tell everyone I'll miss them, if you go, alright?
Current Mood: depressed

6th April 2005

nobody_sees_me3:56pm: ok so i'v come up with A layout... do you like it?
I like using this piture cause it's just like...
"Yah... that's sooo us"

(plus I <3 lum)
Do You have any issues with this layout?
Do you like it?
What do you like/ What don't you like?

(spaz! comment!)

MoreCollapse )
nobody_sees_me6:51am: so yah.. i'm making this sexy but .... it's mid way i gotta go to school >.<
(guess who got up at the ass crack of dawn and got online!)
Current Mood: busy

5th April 2005

nobody_sees_me6:28pm: YES!!!!!!!!
I have power over all youz bitchz!!!

I'm now like... the co-owner!

ok done ...
Current Mood: YESSS

22nd March 2005

nobody_sees_me3:58pm: LOL
You Know You're Addicted to Anime When...Collapse )
Current Mood: Dorktastic!!!
nobody_sees_me3:17pm: http://www.umich.edu/~animania/Animania.html
^ that is the website for animania

The Next Showing is: April 9

I repeat the website is:

Hope to see you there!!!

21st March 2005

suicidal_panda3:28pm: looookk
if u read dis even if i dont speak to u much...i request u post a memory of me...it can be anything u want....as long as it happened...then post this on ur journal and see wat ppl 'member 'bout u....
Current Mood: wat does contemplative mean

19th March 2005

suicidal_panda6:01pm: WUZUP BOOOBYS
yeah....um....its SAMMI...aka...MIDGET...hyperness...wooooowooowoowowoow..
Current Mood: dodododododo

9th March 2005

nobody_sees_me4:12pm: hehe!

I cant wait 4 animania ^-^
Current Mood: impatiant....

7th March 2005

dr_nobody_dance4:34pm: Whoa
Hey does anyone in here know animania's adress?

23rd February 2005

nagashi11:05am: Sigh, I rarely make it to animania these days anymore. I was going every month from 1996 till about 1999 or so, but since then I've only gone a couple times a year. How long has everyone else here been going?
Current Mood: OLD!!
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